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Magnified Optics

AR-15 Magnified Optics | Rifle Scopes | X Power Scopes

If you’re looking for a military-grade, high magnification rifle optic, look no further than our magnified optics here at DSG Arms. When it comes to magnified optics, it’s tough to find the right balance between size/weight and fragility/magnification. Remember, you’re not just looking to “see” better, but shoot better too. Now, in most cases, high performance means high prices. Fortunately, here at DSG Arms, we offer magnified optics at exceedingly affordable rates, giving you the best value for money with more combat effectiveness on the range and field. If you’re uncertain regarding your choice between a magnified optic and a red dot, consider their performance at 300 meters. It won’t be long before you realize that the former outperforms the more latter simply because magnification makes shooting a lot easier, despite a smaller point of aim. Red dots may be better at 50-meter targets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easier to shoot. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific needs. Give us a call at Phone: 817-806-9242 and let us help you find the right optic on sale!

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