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Magazine Carriers

Magazine Carriers | Double Mag Carrier | Magazine Holsters

You should never leave home without additional ammunition for your rifle or pistol. You need to invest in premium quality, durable, and adjustable magazine carriers for your magazines. You need to accessorize your outfit with a gun holster, gun belt, and a magazine carrier to carry ammo. There are two types of magazine carriers. You can opt for a magazine carrier that attaches inside the waistband or outside the waistband. We also offer a wide selection of colors and materials. Choose from a black, black, and red, or E2 tan-colored magazine carrier. For the material, you can choose carbon fiber, Kydex, leather, or textile. To maintain standards of high quality, we only offer magazine carriers from top brands in the firearm industry. Magazine carriers are ideal for concealed carry or open carry for your tactical vest or belt. Magazine carriers protect your ammunition from damage and keep it secure. You can reach for your magazine with ease, thus saving time. You can buy either left-hand or right-hand magazine carriers. We also have magazine carriers for people who are ambidextrous, meaning they have the ability to use both hands. Get yourself a top-quality magazine carrier straight away!

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