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LVS-MINI-BAT Louisville Slugger - Mini DSG Bat

Manufacturer: DSG Arms
Manufacturer part number: LVS-MINI-BAT
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Louisville Slugger Mini DSG Bat is an inexpensive item to add to your collection. It features more than 18 inches of genuine and original DSG wood and comes engraved with the brand's branding for added respectability. 

DSG originally designed this baseball bat for sports usage. But in keeping with the brand's reputation, it is also useful for self-defense situations. The bat provides a reliable way to protect yourself using a blunt object until you can seek assistance. 

The bat is made from a single piece of solid wood for added strength and lightweight. And it features a classic tapered design that widens as it makes its way to the head. 

The bat is made of ash - perhaps the best type of wood in baseball bat construction. And it comes outfitted with colors and logos. This bat from DSG is based on the official bat of Major League Baseball. 

Features of the Louisville Slugger Mini DSG Bat 

  • Full ash construction
  • Features the official colors of Major League Baseball
  • Useful for both sport and self-defense situations
  • Engraved with beautiful branding
  • Strong and lightweight
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