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    Lower Receivers

    AR-15 Lower Receivers | AR-15 Billet Receiver Sets | AR-15 Stripped Lowers

    Build your AR pistol, AR-15, or AR-308 using a lower receiver. For your firearm, you can select for a billet or forged receiver. A billet lower receiver, created from a bar stock made of extruded aluminum, makes for a more aesthetically pleasing rifle.

    A billet lower receiver features fine lines, geometric designs, and one-piece trigger guards. If you consider the overall look of the AR rifle, you can opt for a billet lower receiver. On the other hand, you have forged lower receivers.

    A forged lower receiver is stronger than other types of lower receivers. The material to create a forged lower receiver is designed under pressure. Its grain has the same design as the part, resulting in a stronger part due to the constant grain features achieved by the forging process.

    If you are looking for a specific feature on the lower receivers, you can opt for assembled lowers, receiver sets and stripped lowers. The lower receiver parts in our collection are products of reputable manufacturers in the firearm industry.

    Whichever receiver part you choose, you will not have to worry about it underperforming or lasting you a short time. No one can beat our amazing prices either! We are the home to high quality and cost-effective lower receiver parts.

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    LANTAC LA-SF15 Forged AR15 Lower Receiver
    BCM Lower Receiver Group Mod 0 w/BCM Gunfighter Stock - Black
    Battle Arms 5.56mm Billet Light Weight Receiver Set
    Battle Arms 5.56mm Forged Lower Receiver
    Noveske 5.56MM Gen3 Matched Lower & Upper Set
    Zev AR15 Forged Lower

    Zev AR15 Forged Lower

    Zev AR15 Billet Receiver Set

    Zev AR15 Billet Receiver Set

    Zev AR308 Billet Receiver Set

    Zev AR308 Billet Receiver Set

    MEGA AR15 Forged Lower Receiver

    MEGA AR15 Forged Lower Receiver

    MEGA AR15 Billet GTR-3H Ambi Receiver Set
    MEGA MATEN Billet Ambi AR-308 Lower Receiver
    MEGA MATEN Billet Ambi AR-308 Receiver Set
    MEGA AR15 Billet GTR-3S Ambi Lower Receiver

    MEGA AR15 Billet GTR-3S Ambi Lower Receiver

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