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PINS Elftmann Tactical Non-Rotational Anti-Walk .154 Pins

Manufacturer: Elftmann Tactical
Manufacturer part number: PINS
UPC: 640522126972
Availability: In stock
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Elftmann Tactical Non-Rotational Anti-Walk .154 Pins are the perfect accessory for preventing your pins from eating holes in your receiver. These clever pieces of kit take just a few seconds to install and prevent damage to your AR-15, M-16, or other compatible rifles.

When you invest in a rifle, you want it to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the receiver's movement can lead to issues with the pins and lead to the development of holes.

Elftmann Tactical Non-Rotational Anti-Walk .154 Pins are made of the strongest available American steel and can easily withstand the vibrational and recoil properties of semi- and full-automatic weapons. The unique anti-rotational features prevent damaging friction. And the helpful side plates included in the kit maintain the aesthetics of your rifle, even at high discharge volumes. Just clip the master link to the protective plate.

  • Install the pins on either side of your rifle
  • Large screws for easier installation
  • No tools other than a simple screwdriver required
  • Black oxide finish
  • Easy to remove from the rifle after use.
  • Anti-rotational features to prevent damage to the receiver
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