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First Responders, US Military, US Veterans, and Government Personnel Discount Program

We are proud to offer exclusive discounted pricing for Law Enforcement, Military, US Veterans, Government personnel, and First Responders. Once approved, your account will be upgraded, and our discounted pricing will take immediate effect on all products we carry.
  1. Register an account on dsgarms.com or www.dsgholsters.com.
  2. Send an email to heroes@dsgarms.com from your work or government-issued email address requesting LE/MIL account upgrade. In the body of the email include your DSG ARMS registered email address with your full name.
    1. If you do not have a government-issued email address, you must include a copy of your identification card, paystub, or DD 214.
    2. You can also fax your documents or identification cards to 817-615-8820. Make sure to include your contact information, including your DSG ARMS registered email address with your full name.
The information on this page is intended for individual soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, and law enforcement personnel purchasing gear with their own personal funds – it does not relate to U.S. Government or state and local law enforcement agencies purchases. Orders and quotes for Government or law enforcement agency purchases should be handled by a DSG sales representative at 817-806-9242 or sales@dsgarms.com
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