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L-3/Insight ATPIAL-C Commerical Unit IR/Red Laser w/ IR Illuminator - Black

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Product description

Insight's ATPIAL Standard Power Advanced Target Pointer and Illuminator is a lightweight, rugged, simple to use aiming system designed for use with or without a night vision device. Featuring co-aligned visual and IR lasers, so the laser sight is still useful during the day, but the ATPIAL is best utilized at night in conjunction with a night vision rifle scope. The IR laser is perfectly visible with a night vision device, and you can also make use of the adjustable IR illuminator to boost the contrast of your night vision, even when there's no natural light to be found. Windage and elevation adjustments allow you to adjust the laser sight for precision accuracy, and the unit's durable and lightweight construction allow you to carry it into any dangerous combat zone without fear of it breaking. The Insight Standard Power ATPIAL Aiming Laser is a laser aiming system designed to give you a distinct advantage once the sun goes down.


  • Dimensions: 4.6” L x 2.8” W x 1.6” H
  • Weight with battery: 7.5 oz.
  • Battery Type: 1 3-volt lithium
  • Battery Life: >6 hours in DUAL HIGH
Visible Aim Laser Specifications Safety Class
  • Output Power: 4.0 mW 3a
  • Beam Divergence: .5 mrad
  • Wavelength: 605-665 nm
  • Range: >25m
IR Aim Laser:
  • Output Power Low: .6 mW 1
  • Output Power High: 25 mW 3b
  • Beam Divergence: .5 mrad
  • Wavelength: 820-850 nm
  • Range: >600m LOW, >2000m HIGH
IR Illuminator:
  • Output Power Low: <3.5 mW 3a
  • Output Power High: 30 mW 3b
  • Beam Divergence: 1-105 mrad min
  • Wavelength: 820-850 nm
  • Range: >2000m
Additional information
Manufacturer: L-3 Insight Technology