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KDG MREX-AR 11.6" MLOK Rail - Black

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Product description

The MREX™-AR was developed after the SCAR MREX™. At first glance it may look similar to other AR rails on the market, but like the MREX™ developed for the SCAR, there was purpose in its design. The MREX™-AR is ergonomically set up to be more like a hand-guard like the FAL or G3 instead of a tube. The profile allows the user a very comfortable C-Grip on the weapon, and allows those accessories to be mounted as though they are integral to the weapon. The flat bottom of the rail system is ideal for shooting off of support. Developing the MREX™-AR also allowed us to develop specific Kinect™ accessories for the MREX™-AR that will allow the accessories to “hug” the rail as close as possible, almost integral. The MREX™-AR is a free float design, and extremely simple to install.

Length: 11.625″ Actual Length
Width: 1.76″
Height: 2.11″
Finish: Black Anodized
Compatibility: Standard AR-15 style upper receivers
Weight of rail: 8.5 oz
Features: x2 QD mounting locations
Modular system: Magpul MLOK at the 3, 6, 9 o’clock positions. MLOK also for specific KDG accessories at the 2 & 10 o’clock positions.

Included in Package:
Rail, barrel nut, barrel nut wrench, barrel nut shims, mounting screws, vibratite

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