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Iron Sights

AR-15 Sights Iron | Pistol Iron Sights | Rifles Sights

Want to practice shooting without the aid of optics? Consider investing in high-quality iron sights to improve your long-range shooting capabilities and develop your skills without relying on electronics. Iron sights are used commonly by police and military officials to lock in their targets, while hunters rely on them extensively for an instinctual aim. DSG Arms is proud to present a premium collection of iron sights to help shooters with co-witness set-ups and better target acquisition. This is an excellent way to practice shooting in the event that your batteries die and leave you in a critical position. As a trusted distributor and licensed dealer of firearms, DSG Arms offers an array of iron sights. If you’re not sure which type is most compatible with your handgun, rifle, or shotgun, get in touch with our product specialists and let them assist you! Select items on sale, so order while it lasts!

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