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AR-0007-4 XS Sights AR Xpress Threat Interdiction XTI Sight Set

Manufacturer: XS Sights
SKU: XSAR-0007-4
Manufacturer part number: AR-0007-4
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XS Sight Systems, in collaboration with Lone Star Armory, introduces XTI Xpress Threat Interdiction AR-15 angle mount sights. XS Express Standard Dot Tritium front, White Stripe rear. These back-up iron sights are designed for quick acquisition in CQB situations. Excellent addition to Tac optics class 3-gun rifles and patrol rifles with magnified optics.

"Magnified optics are great at distance but can be a hindrance when engaging threats at close range. The addition of your new sights to a weapon allows the officer to have the best of both worlds. They can engage a target with precision at distance and still be able to quickly engage a threat at close range.

While testing these sights we had several instructors and officers engage targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards and everyone was able to keep all rounds in the center of the target.

These new offset sights are another great innovation from your company and I have had to threaten bodily injury to be able to keep somebody from taking them off of my rifle. XS Sights has always been a leader in the area of combat effective products and produce a high quality product that is very practical.

Thank you for supporting the law enforcement community as a whole and especially us here locally."

Officer Michael Moore, Firearms Instructor

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