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SWITCHSIGHT-GLOCK Dead Air Armament and KNS Precision Switchsight Folding Glock Sights

Manufacturer: Dead Air
Manufacturer part number: SWITCHSIGHT-GLOCK
UPC: 853906008546
Availability: In stock
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The Switchsight Folding Glock Sights (SWITCHSIGHT-GLOCK) was created by Dead Air Silencers in partnership with KNS Precision and allows the user to flip the iron sights from standard to suppressor height. The Switchsight works with your current holster and optics, and provide you the freedom to choose the correct orientation based on your handgun setup. Made from durable Alloy Steel, blackNitride+™ finish, and positive positioning, these sights will hold up to plenty of abuse and stay in the orientation you want them in.


  • Switch from standard height sights to suppressor height sights in seconds.
  • Two sets of high-visibility white painted dots, designed to shoot to the same fixed point of aim.
  • Billet machined steel parts are nitride-finished for durability and corrosion-resistance.
  • Designed to be direct drop-in replacement sights for all standard Glock slides, including those with MOS red dot mounts.
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