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When you are hunting at night, you need to illuminate the area with a weapon light. You can attach these lights to your firearm with ease and they will not fall off, as you’re chasing your target. Perhaps you’re searching for a weapon light mount to add to your weapon to hold the light in place. If you do not want to equip your firearm with a light to illuminate your path, you can attach a light to your helmet. We have several different types of helmet mounted lights in our collection. If you want to zone in on your target, opt for an infrared(IR) light, one that emits both white and infrared light. You might be more comfortable holding a handheld illumination or light and if that is the case, you can choose from a green, yellow, white, and blue light. You can also keep a light in your pocket by buying a compact pocket light. We also have night vision for military personnel and law enforcement officials. If you ever require flashlight or weapon light parts and accessories for anyone of our illumination products available in our store, do not forget our name – DSG ARMS. Our illumination products are brought to you buy reputable manufacturers.

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Surefire Titan Dual Stage 125/15 Lumen Keychain Light


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Surefire Titan Three Stage Keychain Light


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Surefire 5/60//300 Lumen Compact Pocket Light


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Streamlight Nano LED Keychain Light - Pink


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