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Holsters & Duty Gear

Pistol Holsters | Duty Holsters | Duty Gear

Holsters and duty gear make it easier for individuals, law enforcement officials and military personnel to access their weapons instantly. Whether you are searching for holsters, holster kits, or holster parts and accessories, check out our extensive collection of holsters and duty gear. We even offer ranger rack to carry more than one magazine or opt for a magazine carrier to carry one magazine. To help you access everything you need immediately, you can wear a duty belt. If you want to equip yourself with an extra weapon, you can conceal it within the waistline of your pants, by wearing a drop leg holster, or OTW holsters. Are you looking for a baton and its holder? Browse our collection of batons and holders to keep your batons secure. You do not want to carry a flashlight in your hand so place it in a flashlight holder instead. Pepper sprays can blind an individual for a few seconds, giving you enough time to reach for your weapon. Keep your pepper spray secure and out of sight in an OC case. We can also provide you with cuffs and keys with some cuffs coming with their own pouch. You should look through our collection of holsters and duty gear to make yourself more organized when you go out.

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