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    Holosun is an industry leader based out of California, bringing high-quality optics with cutting-edge equipment. Whether you are law enforcement or military - you will be sure to find what you're looking for with Holosun. These high-powered sights will help guide your aim, even in the darkest surroundings. Some of the prime sight options include the HE515GT-GR Elite Micro SightHE507C-GR Elite Reflex Sight, and HS403C Micro Sight. These sights are ideal to navigate low-light settings while equipped with a precise aiming point. We know you will agree with them when they say, “Holosun, Your Next Optic”.

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    Holosun HS403C Micro Sight - Red Dot / Solar Panel
    Holosun HS403GL Micro Sight - Red Dot / Shake Awake
    Holosun HS503CU Reflex Sight - Red Circle Dot / Solar Panel
    Holosun 509T Reflex Sight w/ Red Dot
    Holosun 407K Reflex Red Dot

    Holosun 407K Reflex Red Dot

    Holosun 507K Reflex Sight w/ Red Reticle