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Holosun is an industry leader based out of California, bringing high-quality optics with cutting-edge equipment. Whether you are law enforcement or military - you will be sure to find what you're looking for with Holosun. These high-powered sights will help guide your aim, even in the darkest surroundings. Some of the prime sight options include the HE515GT-GR Elite Micro SightHE507C-GR Elite Reflex Sight, and HS403C Micro Sight. These sights are ideal to navigate low-light settings while equipped with a precise aiming point. We know you will agree with them when they say, “Holosun, Your Next Optic”.

Holosun is a company based in California, USA, focused on high-quality optic devices for rifles, pistols, and other ordinance. They are proud to manufacture optical sights and advanced optic equipment for law enforcement and the military. They strive to provide the latest technological developments while keeping costs low, so you don’t run out of “ammo money” when trying to supply your force. Some of their prime sight options include the HE515GT-GR Elite Micro Sight, HE507C-GR Elite Reflex Sight, and HS403C Micro Sight. These sights are ideal for low-light settings when you need quick target acquisition and precise identification of combatants. Make your next optic a Holson optic and view their products below.

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