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3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

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SKU: 3MP97451
GTIN: 073186400452
Product description

3M Peltor Tactical Sport headsets provide a natural, realistic sound, giving users the fastest shut-off and recovery time of any shooter earmuff we`ve ever made. Their sound amplification allows you to hear better with the earmuff on than with normal hearing alone, while still instantly limiting dangerous noises, like gunfire, to lower, safe listening levels.


  • Contoured cups for better stock-weld and sight picture
  • Automatic shut-off 2 hour to conserve battery life
  • Extra set of orange cups
  • Amplifies ambient sound so you actually hear much better
  • Digital Sound Suppression technology
  • Possible industries include hunting, shooting range, heavy equipment operators, manufacturing, construction, agricultural
  • NRR 20 dB*

*The NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use. 3M recommends reducing the NRR by 50% for estimating the amount of noise reduction provided.


  • Battery Type Rechargable or Disposble
  • Communication Type Ambient Listening, Tactical Headset
  • Hearing Protection Type Headband
  • Noise Reduction Rating 20 Decibel
  • Product Series Tactical Sport
  • Recommended Application High Noise Environment
Additional information
Manufacturer: Peltor