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    Confidence. Proven. Safety. Naturally, you know the name Glock from their renowned handguns - vastly desired by those who need a durable and reliable sidearm. Glock is a supplier of gear that's depended on by police officers and agencies worldwide. From survival field knives and accessories to state-of-the-art weapon light modules with intuitive electronics. Glock is now the weapon of choice for over 65 percent of the law enforcement agencies across the United States, and they’re used in more than 50 elite military units worldwide.

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    GLOCK G17T Firing Pin - OEM 2680
    GLOCK 17T Extractor - OEM 3001
    GLOCK G17 9mm Barrel - OEM 3570
    GLOCK G19 9mm Barrel - OEM 3577
    GLOCK MOS Adapter Plate Set 01 - OEM 33531
    GLOCK 6.5mm Rear Night Sight - OEM NR17G24
    GLOCK Front Sight Screw - 5946
    GLOCK G17T FX/Blue 17rd Magazine
    GLOCK G17 9MM 33rd Magazine - Dark Earth
    GLOCK G43X/G48 9MM 10rd Magazine
    GLOCK G19X 9MM 17rd Magazine - Coyote
    GLOCK G26 Gen4 9MM 12rd Magazine
    GLOCK G22 .40 22rd Magazine
    GLOCK G26 Gen5 9MM 12rd Magazine
    GLOCK G19 Gen5 9MM 15rd Magazine
    GLOCK G27 Gen4 .40 11rd Magazine
    GLOCK G17 Gen5 9MM 24rd Magazine
    GLOCK G19 Gen4 9MM 15rd Magazine
    GLOCK G19 Gen4 9MM Magazine - 5 Pack
    GLOCK Factory Plus Two Round Extension w/ G19 Gen4 9MM 15rd Magazine
    GLOCK G21/G21SF .45 13rd Magazine
    GLOCK G23 Gen4 .40 13rd Magazine
    GLOCK G43 9MM 6rd Magazine w/ Extension
    GLOCK G43 9MM 6rd Magazine
    GLOCK G42 .380 6rd Magazine
    GLOCK G30 .45 ACP 10rd Magazine
    GLOCK G42 .380 6rd Magazine w/ Extension
    GLOCK G31 .357 15rd Magazine
    GLOCK G26 9MM 10rd Magazine
    GLOCK G32 .357 13rd Magazine
    GLOCK G17/G34 Gen5 9MM 10rd Magazine