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AR-15 Firearms | Firearms & Weapons | Modern Sporting Rifles

We proudly offer a firearms Law Enforcement/LEO & Military discount

We have made shopping for firearms and weapons a convenient, quicker, and easier experience for our customers. What’s your preference? Because we have it all! We sell from a variety of different premium quality and brand firearms and weapons. You will find AR rifles, pistols, shotguns, SCAR, 10/22, and even edged weapons. You can also search for stripped or complete lower receivers and suppressors & adaptors. We offer firearms and weapons from well-known, established, and reputable brands. You do not have to buy a weapon from an unknown brand, as it will lack both quality and performance. Once you buy a firearm from us, you can look at our other product categories to find parts to add to your weapon. Browse through our firearms and weapons category or use our search filter. Select from several different options such as manufacturer, model, parts, platform, caliber, rail format, barrel length, billet/forged, and more. Not only do we provide you with reliable firearms and weapons, but we also provide them to you at reasonable prices with some even marked down. Compare us with others and we reckon you will return to us for your current and future purchases. We add new weapons to our category so be on the lookout for the latest firearms and weapons.

AR 15 Rifles Various Forms: AR15 SBRs & AR Pistols

AR-15 rifles can come in many different forms such as length, caliber, and attachment methods. The standard length of most AR15 rifles is sixteen inches. SBR AR15 rifles or short-barreled rifles are firearms that have a shorter barrel length and other components to meet that classification. AR pistols can have a short barrel but are not SBRs cause they do not have certain parts attached to them. The normal caliber for an AR-15 rifle is the .223/5.56mm caliber. One popular alternative to this is the 300 Blackout rifles. The 300BLK rifle shoots a .308 caliber but has a shorter casing compared to its AR10 platform. A standard rail format for AR15 rifles is a Picatinny rail or Quad Rails. An alternate to that format is the M-Lok format. AR15 rifles with an M-Lok rail will allow M-Lok accessories to be attached. View a range of AR 15 for sale and purchase online through our website.

Lower Receivers: AR 15/10 Stripped or Complete Lowers

The AR15 lower can be bought as a complete lower or as a stripped lower. The complete lower for an AR15/10 has all the internal components and is perfect for a shooter looking to build or buy a firearm on a budget. A stripped AR15/10 lower is just the frame without the internal parts. These stripped lowers are ideal for a shooter that is wanting to have custom parts to suit their shooting needs. BCM or Bravo Company is an AR15 firearm manufacturer that offers complete and stripped lowers. In the AR15 format are lowers that can shoot handgun ammunition which is called pistol caliber carbines or PCC. Aero Precision is one manufacturer that has a PCC lower called EPC-9.

Sidearms, Pistols, & Handguns

Buying a handgun and needing the best deals? Then view all of the sidearms that we have to offer. We handguns for on-duty law enforcement to pistols that are carried by the military. Beretta handguns have been used in both fields and are widely popular. One FN pistol that is in high demand is the FN 509 handgun. Whether you are looking for a sidearm for home defense or being used in the field. We have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Bolt Action Rifles: Tikka T3X, Remington 700, & Franchi Momentum

If shooting for precision or long distance then a bolt action rifle is a must-have. These firearms come in various calibers and chassis formats that suit your shooting needs. Some of the popular calibers for bolt action firearms are .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 300 Win. The Remington 700 is a versatile 308 bolt action rifle that is used by hunters to military snipers. View our diverse collection of bolt action rifles.

Tactical 12 Gauge Shotguns by Benelli, Beretta, & Stoeger

Tactical shotguns are versatile weapons with the capability to fire a range of different types of ammunition in semi-automatic or pump action. Semi-Auto tactical shotguns will chamber the next shell after firing without having to manually load the next round. Benelli tactical shotguns are some of the most sought-after semi-auto shotguns that are on the market. The Beretta 1301 tactical shotguns are also in that market and offer the model in various colors. Pump-action shotguns have been around for a long time and continue to function for law enforcement and hunters. One type of shotgun that is making its way into the tactical scene is over-under shotguns. The Stoeger Double Defense 12-Gauge Shotgun is a prime example. Tactical shotguns will continue to evolve moving forward.

FN SCAR 17/16 & 20: Built for Operators

The FN SCAR series of rifles were built to overcome certain comprises that other rifles were having. The SCAR 17 and the rest of the series feature a short-stroke gas piston system which has many advantages. The piston system vents out excess gas out the front of the gas block. The SCAR 17 is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester ammunition. The SCAR 16 is similar to the SCAR 17 but is chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington ammunition. The SCAR 17/16 features a folding adjustable stock that also has an adjustable cheek riser. The dependability and durability of the SCAR 17 have been tested and proven through the U.S. Government.

Suppressors Or Silencers for AR15s, Rifles, Handguns, & 9mm Subguns

Suppressors reduce the noise decibels from a firearm but are not like the movie magic. Suppressors for a 5.56mm rifle or pistol bring down the decibels from 158 dB to about 128 dB. This drop might not seem like a large amount but if you consider that a jet produces 150 dB. Then you can picture that a suppressor only just reduces the noise from a firearm instead of eliminating it in total. Suppressors provide avid shooters hearing protection if they don't have something to cover their ears with. There are two mounting options when it comes to suppressors. One option is the direct threading suppressor that screws onto the barrel of a rifle or handgun. The other option is using a firearm's muzzle as a key that interlocks into the suppressor and keeping it firmly in position. The Dead Air Wolfman 9mm Suppressor is a direct threaded suppressor but with an additional component, it can be attached to a muzzle device.

EDC & Tactical Knives: Folders, Fixed, Tanto, & OTF Auto

Pocket knives can be essential depending on one's field of expertise but overall they are just handy to have. For an everyday carrier, most will have a pocket folder or folding knife. One of the popular blade types that get requested is a knife with a tanto-style blade. OTF or out the front knives are automatic knives that spring up from inside the handle. An OTF knife can have many blade options such as serrated, tanto, or drop-point. Want a unique knife that makes you feel like a secret agent? The OTF dagger pen knife is a regular ballpoint pen on one end but the other end has a blade that comes out the top. A couple of popular tactical knives that are carried by first responders are the TR3 & TR4 knives by Protech Knives.

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