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We proudly offer an AR15 parts Law Enforcement/LEO & Military discount

To ensure the bullet exits your firearm when you pull the trigger, you need to perform a routine inspection of your gun from time to time. If a part such as the action spring malfunctions, you will experience problems when firing your weapon. There is a variety of springs available in our store. Once you have identified the type of spring causing issues, you can order it from our store from the lower receiver parts category. You also do not want to shoot from a gun or rifle with a faulty gun barrel. If the bullet fails to exit the barrel, it can cause the weapon to explode. Upgrade your gun barrel by choosing an appropriate part from our upper receiver and parts category. With that said, you should always take measures to ensure your weapon does not pose a risk to you and others by upgrading or replacing firearm parts. Order complete uppers, weapon maintenance, AR15 parts, AR10, SCAR parts, AK 47/74 parts, pistol parts, shotgun parts, bolt action parts, and 10-22 parts. We have an extensive selection of firearm parts from notable brands at your disposal. Whether you are looking for AR15, AR10, SCAR, AK47 or AK74, pistol, shotgun, Ruger 10-22, or bolt action parts, you will find everything you need to ensure an exceptional performance each time you fire a shot.

AR-15/10 Lower Receiver Parts: Triggers, Buffer Tubes, Lower Parts Kits, & More

For an AR15 or AR10, there are several key components that make up the lower receiver half of the firearm. An AR15/10 lower parts kit is a combination of several parts that can turn a stripped lower into a complete. AR15 triggers come in a variety of options. There are single-stage triggers, two-stage triggers, adjustable trigger pound triggers, and drop-in triggers. A buffer tube is a lower part that connects to the lower receiver and provides a mount for the AR15/10 buttstocks or stocks. Some of the common parts have been enhanced to provide other functions. One of these parts is the Law Tactical Folders that replace the endplate and allows the user to fold the stock to the side when stowed away. The safety selector has several options such as a single 90-degree lever, ambidextrous levers, and color options.

AR-15/10 Upper Receiver Parts: Bolt Carrier Groups, Charging Handles, Receivers, & More

A AR15/10 rifle's upper half or upper receiver has several parts that make it a complete upper. A AR15 bolt carrier group or BCG is one part that enables the firearms to be fired in semi-auto. A BCM BCG is an aftermarket part that has been enhanced to improve performance and reliability. Another component that works in line with the BCG is an AR-15 charging handle. Charging handles can come in various options such as ambidextrous and color options like the Geissele Charging Handles. The part that houses the upper components is referred to as the AR15 upper receiver. An aftermarket AR15/10 upper receiver can change the appearance of the firearm and can provide certain enhancements. AR15/10 barrels provide the shooter with accuracy but also they provide certain functions depending on its length and profile.

Various AR 15 Complete Upper Receivers: 300 Blackout Uppers, BCM Uppers, Daniel Defense, & More

A AR-15 complete upper is the upper half assembly of the firearm and once installed onto a lower it makes a complete rifle. A complete upper can come in many different lengths, different calibers, and visual differences. 300 Blackout Uppers use most of the same components as a 5.56mm upper but it fires a .308 caliber bullet. AR15 uppers with the Magpul M-Lok format will allow for multiple rail accessories that have the M-Lok attachment method. Bravo Company or BCM is one company that has established itself in the firearm industry and provides multiple AR15 complete uppers.

AR-15 Tools & Cleaners for Firearm Maintenance

After a long day on the range, a firearm will become dirty and we have the tools and supplies that make cleaning an ease. When cleaning a firearm, a shooter might prefer to clean it on a workbench instead of the table. Tools like the Magpul BEV Block attach to a vice and help keep the upper receiver in a sturdy position. Using specially made AR15/10 tools like the Magpul Armorers Wrench helps prevent stripping or damaging the firearm parts. A AR-15 cleaning kits has parts that help get into those hard-to-reach areas when doing maintenance. We offer a range of firearm cleaners and lubricants that will ensure firearms longevity.

Handgun Parts: Slides, Barrels, Triggers, & Compensators

We have some of the most popular pistol parts that can enhance your handgun or if you are needing a component to repair your firearm. Glock 17 slides and parts are a perfect way to take an OEM factory handgun and make it unique. Looking to add a red dot optic to your Glock, we have slides that are already cut for optic installation. Aftermarket handgun barrels can improve performance and factory function. Threaded barrels for brands such as Glock, allow the user to attach a suppressor or a compensator to the handgun. Changing out a factory handgun trigger can provide a shooter the feel and pull that they are looking for.

View FN SCAR 17 Parts Such As Flash Hiders & Triggers

The FN SCAR 17/16 rifle is a popular choice with gun owners and we have the SCAR parts to alter the standard OEM factory look. Adding an aftermarket SCAR muzzle device such as a flash hider can reduce your flash signature and can also be used as a mount if adding a suppressor. For some avid shooters, aftermarket SCAR triggers are one of the few components that get upgraded to lighten the trigger pull.

Tactical 12GA Shotgun Parts: Extension Tubes, Bolt Handles & Releases

We have the shotgun aftermarket parts that many avid shooters seek out when needing to upgrade their standard OEM factory shotguns. A shotgun magazine tube extension kit by Nordic Components replaces the factory tube and allows the shotgun to carry more shells depending on the capacity that you are needing. Shotgun bolt handles function but may not be practical for tactical situations. We have bolt handles for many shotgun models for brands such as Benelli, Beretta, and more. In a tactical environment, no one wants to fiddle with a small bolt release. We have oversized shotgun bolt releases that make it a snap to release the bolt.

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