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VTAC-K2-C Viking Tactics Knife - The Crusader

Manufacturer: Viking Tactics
Manufacturer part number: VTAC-K2-C
UPC: 855442006673
Availability: In stock
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Whether fighting for La Valette as a Knights Hospitaller in 1565 as his Knights defended Malta from the scourge of the Ottoman Empire or cruising the streets of Jerusalem in 1099 slicing and dicing Fatimid’s Caliphate to bloody ribbons the Crusader Knife owes it’s Bloodline to these great Warriors of God. Drawing from the Bloodlines of VTAC’s first-ever knife design, “The Assault”, the Crusader is nearly 9 inches long and has a cutting surface 3 ½ inches in length. This handle fits like a second skin no matter if you are operating with or without gloves. The spine of the blade has a Viking Vine machined into the surface for aesthetics as well as to enhance the gripping surface. This coupled with the blood-colored liners and Canvas Micarta makes a beautiful knife. The blade is built from 1095 steel and hardened to RC 56-58.

Each VTAC Crusader knife comes with a war-ready Kydex sheath.

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