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    Cyalume Technologies 56-48HRS ToTal IR Locate Powder 500gr Bag - Brown *Expired*

    Manufacturer: Cyalume Technologies
    SKU: DSG-7100-0032
    Manufacturer part number: DSG-7100-0032
    Availability: In stock
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    Note: Recently passed the use-by date but guaranteed to work

    ToTaL IR™ is a non-toxic, infrared (IR) powder in brown or concrete color which can detect intrusion into restricted areas, and shows the direction traveled. After mixing two powders, an immediate and powerful infrared emission occurs for three to seven days, depending on the environment.

    ToTaL IR™ can be used to tag shoes, tires, clothes, money, weapons, contraband etc., allowing intelligence-gathering. The powder is only visible with night vision equipment, however.