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Who is Trijicon

When it comes to firearms and their accessories, there are plenty of different companies and brands out there that proudly represent and cater to the second amendment. Of course, not all of these companies are created equal and some stand above the rest. One of these is Trijicon. Trijicon is a firearm accessory manufacturing company that is based out of Wixom, Michigan. Founded in 1981, they specialize in providing shooters with the highest quality optics and night sights.

Whether it is for pistols, rifles, or shotguns, Trijicon has grown to become one of the premier suppliers of self-luminous optics and uses their low-energy tritium illumination, light gathering fiber optics, and battery-powered LEDs to give you the best performance on the market.

What Is In a Name

Have you ever wondered where the name Trijicon first came from? It is actually a combination of the words “tritium”, which is a radioisotope of hydrogen that is the primary element in the company’s illumination tech, and the word “icon” which means a picture or image. Put the two together with the letter “J”, and you get the company name of Trijicon. Even in their name, this company has shown its dedication to providing the shooting world with the best possible optics and sights out there.

Trijicon has led the firearm sight industry for many years by developing a superior light gathering system in their optics. You may recognize some of their most popular and infamous products, such as the Official Rifle Combat Optic (RCO). Also known as the ACOG, this optic is a day and night dual-source illuminated telescopic sight with Trijicon’s legendary tritium illuminated reticle pattern that was designed for the M16 and related platforms of firearms. The RCO system is one of the most widely used optics in the world today and makes use of fiber optics in order to provide low light and nighttime aiming possibilities without the need for any batteries.

You may also be familiar with Trijicon’s other products like the official Squad Common Optic (SCO) that is also utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as the official USSOCOM Miniature Aiming System Day Optic (RMR). While Trijicon does a lot of great work with the armed services, they also partner with other government, state, and local law enforcement agencies to provide the highest quality of sights and optics that money can buy.

Optics for Everyone

Of course, the military and law enforcement agencies aren’t the only ones to use and love Trijicon products. This company also produces its sights and optics for the civilian world, from hunters, shooters, and firearm enthusiasts to enjoy. From industry-leading rifle scopes, red dot sights, night sights, electronic optics, and even iron sights, there are plenty of options for shooters to choose from.

One of the greatest aspects of Trijicon is that the giant majority of their products, including their most popular like the ACOG, VCOG, RMR, Iron sights, Thermal Optics, and even archery sights are all designed, machined, and then assembled at factories and facilities in either Wixom, Michigan or Auburn, California. This means they are 100% made right here in the USA.

The parts and pieces that aren’t made here in the USA, such as lenses and glass components that are made in Japan, are of the highest quality and make the rifle scopes from Trijicon favorites among many hunters. While all of their products are designed in Michigan and have all of the same quality checks and engineering applied to them, some processes do require some outsourcing to excellent facilities but all are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

What They Stand For

It is important when you are buying products from a company that you know exactly what they believe in and what they stand for. Trijicon says this right in their vision and mission statement, that they strive to provide products that are precision aiming solutions that are made to protect individual freedom. They make it their goal to be a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality and innovative sights to be used by the military, law enforcement, and civilian customers.

If this wasn’t enough, Trijicon has five core values that they teach to their employees and that they try to implement in their business. These include honesty and integrity, teamwork and dedication, customers, quality and innovation, and finally morality. This company wants to be the best in their market and a leader in customer satisfaction, and their hard work and company standards reflect that.

Why Trijicon?

So why should you feel confident with Trijicon? From being made in the USA to decades of extended use with military, law enforcement, and pro shooters, there are few other companies that have the experience and quality of Trijicon. No matter what your needs are for your firearm, from night and low light optics to iron sights or even archery sights, Trijicon is a company that has your back and will provide you with the highest quality solution to your problem!

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