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Streamlight: Weapon Lights & More

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Who is Streamlight

When it comes to firearms, you need to equip them with the proper accessories. One of the most important things that your weapon can have, whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, is a mounted light system. And of course, you want the best of the best. This is where Streamlight is there to help you out.

Streamlight is a company that specializes in lights and lighting systems. While they make lights for a variety of uses, such as headlamps, general flashlights, and lanterns, they are best known for their weapon-mounted lights. Streamlight is one of the most popular companies for lighting weapon systems, and their products have quickly become one of the highest quality and most affordable options on the market today.


Streamlight Beginnings

Streamlight as a company was founded in 1973. They are currently located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, although they have based their company in various other towns and cities in the same state throughout the years. Even from this beginning, they have been defined by their amazing innovation. Shortly after their launch, they changed the game of the lighting industry by developing the very first million candlepower handheld light to be used by NASA. Ever since then, they have continued to strive for improvement and innovation in every product that has been launched.

In the year 2000, they again made history with the launch of the rechargeable Stinger. With its impressive size, durability, and of course, performance, this weapon-mounted light quickly became the first choice of law enforcement, civilians, and professional shooters all over the world. Even today, Streamlight continues to produce some of the most in-demand products that are used by militaries, police forces, and pros everywhere.

These days, Streamlight continues to produce some of the best lights out there. From headlamps that you can use on your next hunting or fishing trip to pistol-mounted lights for seeing what is going bump in the night, Streamlight is sure to have the perfect lighting system for you and your needs!


It’s All About the Customer

So what makes Streamlight so much better than its competitors? A large reason for this is their commitment to listening to their customers. From the feedback they receive and the amount of time and attention they put into their products, they are better able to come up with their products. They also understand what the customers need because they are also out there doing what they do. Streamlight employees are out there using the same lights in the same situations to better understand what needs improvement.

From hunters, fishers, sport shooters, firefighters, police, to firearm enthusiasts, Streamlight knows what they need because they do what they do. With their hands-on, real-world experience, Streamlight knows what new ideas and innovations they need to develop in order to set them apart from their competition. They even hold things like focus groups in order to hear everything they can about their products, such as what the customers like, dislike, and what can be improved.

Customer feedback is a primary pillar in Streamlight’s business model. This helps to improve existing products and create new and improved ones. Since most lights are used in dark and hazardous conditions, they need to be the best that they can be. Who knows what they will come up with next when they are constantly striving to find the best ideas and create the highest quality products on the market?


What They Stand For

Streamlight is so confident in their products and the quality that they offer that they give all of their products a guarantee of being free from defects for a lifetime of use. When buying any firearm product, especially one that could mean the difference between life and death, it is important that you know that you are getting the highest quality available. If Streamlight’s commitment to standing behind their products does not tell you just how good they truly are, then nothing else will.

If for some reason you ever have any problems with your Streamlight products, you can always contact them and rest assured that the issue will be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, because of how high quality their products are, you will rarely (if ever) run into any issue and can sleep well at night knowing that your light systems are going to perform and function flawlessly whenever you need them most!


Why Streamlight?

So why should you choose Streamlight? No good weapon is complete without a solid light system, and Streamlight makes some of the best in the business. Whether you need a light for your personal defense handgun, a new AR15, or a home defense shotgun to protect your castle, Streamlight is there to give you one of the best possible lights that your money can buy. From affordable prices to extremely high-quality products, you will not be disappointed when you are using a product from Streamlight.

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