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Magpul is an American-made company and innovator in the field of firearm accessories. It was founded in 1999 in Boulder, Colorado, by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, a Force Recon sergeant with the US Marine Corps. It now makes its headquarters in Texas, with a manufacturing wing in Wyoming.

This mainstay of ingenuity was named for their first quality product, the Magpul (magazine puller) created for the STANAG magazine used by NATO armed forces. Magpul needed to find a way for NATO personal to easily share and swap magazines and developed a product that revolutionized the industry. From there, they have expanded into many other areas of expertise, forging new ground through intuitive products that are made from quality materials and are simple to use.

DSG Arms is a proud provider of Magpul products. We believe in the spirit of their products because they are designed by former military personal who listen to the unique needs of staff, soldiers, and technicians risking their lives every day to ensure our personal freedoms. This valuable insight is a huge competitive advantage for Magpul, making their line of accessories invaluable to every military unit, police force, and security team.

We are sure you will value products by Magpul. We offer a discount on their products to all Law Enforcement/Leo and Military personnel. Please give us a call to learn about these fantastic savings!

Magpul’s line of PMAG, MAG248, MBUS, and QD Sling is widely used by military forces. That is why we know you can be confident in their proven quality. Even the US Air Force replaced their standard magazines with Magpul’s Gen 3 PMAG in 2015 after vigorously testing commercial magazines available on the market and finding Magpul to be the most reliable. In that same year, the Marine Corps Systems Command released a message that authorized the PMAG polymer magazine for use in the M27 infantry automatic rifle and an M16A4 rifle, and M4 carbine.

The fact is using a polymer magazine designed by people who have experience in field operations is the best choice for any police, military, and private security team, and Magpul is the industry leader. The Magpul initial product line utilized a rubberized slip-on magazine attachment to facilitate a quicker pull of an AR magazine from the rifle mag using a loop hold for your finger. This simple solution is what lead their company into the modern strategic and functional powerhouse it is today.

DSG offers many Magpul items we know will improve your collection and add to the customized look and feel of your favorite firearms. Our Magpul MOE mil-spec stock kit will revamp your current rifle for a quicker response time and more durable construction. Our line of Magpul PMAGs is explicitly designed to interchange with other NATO AR15 and M16 compatible firearms. It includes a sturdy polymer design and flared floorplate for quick extraction from pouches. Our Magpul MAG557 uses USGI-spec uses a stainless steel spring, four-way anti-tilt follower and constant-curve internal geometry for reliable feeding, and simple tool-less disassembly to ease cleaning.

We have a wide variety of Magpul products that will fit all your force and team needs but are also widely appreciated by individual enthusiasts and collectors. When you are starting to customize your own firearms, you should begin with our line of Magpul products. The Magpul QD Sling alone is worth the money. It gives you all the versatility of carrying and quick response firing, alongside the study triangle formation for improved accuracy. All of that and the sling is made from lightweight, heavy-duty materials to last you years.

Let’s talk about practicality. Magpul is a company with certain philosophies that speak to its desire to create a quality product every single time. They believe in the constant innovation of their line, focusing on simple solutions to complex problems. Magpul is a company that will spend the extra money upfront when they are researching a new tool to offer to military and private collectors. They believe new ideas are the easy part. The real work comes into making sure their products increase the efficiency of their clients. They foster the true American spirit of failing smart and often. Any business that is willing to take a risk to learn from its mistakes is well worth the investment on your part.

DSG believes in our line of Magpul products. We want all our clients to experience the actual value and quality available in each and every one of the items we have listed on our site. If you have any questions about our Magpul offerings, please reach out to us. We want to find the best solutions to your needs.

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