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Body Armor

Body Armor | Armor Plates for Vests | Ballistic Armor

Body armor protects you from specific threats such as a firearm. If you are in the market for body armor, invest in a superior quality armor designed by a well-known and reputable company. Low-quality body armors are prone to cracks or other deformities that can put you at risk. Body armors are adjustable and you can adjust them to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit. You do not want to wear it too tightly, as it will make you sweat more whereas loosely worn body armor will not offer you maximum protection from incoming threats. There are several different types of body armor you can buy from DSG Arms. You can buy body armor with titanium steel plates with the ability to stop multiple hits from a weapon or a standalone single-curved plate. You should order body armor based on the threats you might encounter in the field. Make the right choice by evaluating your role out in the open. If you work in law enforcement, for instance, you need to wear body armor to protect you against criminals firing off their weapon at you. Look through our collection of body armor, select the one you like to read more about it in detail and place your order with us.

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