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NWS Titanium 10x12 Level III Strike Plate - Rear Single Curved

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Product description

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International Armor's Titanium/Steel plates are capable of stopping multiple hits from 7.62mm X 51 mm .308 caliber FMJ and lesser threats such as AK-47/Kalashnikov 7.62 X 39 mm FMJ. With such protection and at 30% less the weight than our competitors steel hard armor plates, our Titanium/Steel Hard Armor Plates are the best valued hard armor plates on the market today. Plate is covered with smooth protective cloth coating. Stand alone armor plate system.

Standard Features
NIJ Standard threat level III or custom AK-47
Single curve
Multi-hit capability
Defeats 7.62 mm NATO 148 gr. .308 caliber FMJ at 2780 fps level III
Back placement
7.95 lbs

Additional information
Manufacturer: International Armor