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Gladiator Solutions 10x12 Level III Plus Ceramic/Poly Strike Plate - Front Multi Curved

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SKU: GS-3SA2-10X12-SH
Product description

Gladiator Solutions engineers and manufactures a complete line of hard body armor products that meet or exceeds U.S. Military and National Institute of Justice NIJ performance standards. Their advantage lies in their ability to design products that provide protection against a wide array of threats with the need for reduced weight at the greatest value.

NIJ Level Equivalency: Ballistic Level III
Configuration: Stand Alone
Material: Ceramic-Polyethylene
Curvature: Multi Curve
Thickness: 1.20"
Cut: Shooter
Size: 10" x 12"
Weight: 4.90 lbs

Threat Protection:
5.56mm x 45mm M855/SS109
7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball/MSC
7.62mm x 51mm M80

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