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Safariland 762 XTS 5000 Radio Carrier w/ Swivel - Hi Gloss Black

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SKU: SAF762-8-9
GTIN: 781607311484

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Product description

The Model 762 Radio Holder with Swivel uniquely features a detachable swivel belt loop for easy retrieval on the belt. It also is designed with a protective pouch and an adjustable bungee cord tie-down with a snap closure to keep the radio secure. Constructed of durable SafariLaminate material, this holder is designed for 2.25 in. (58 mm) duty belts.

Pouch Size

8 - 3.125” (79mm) Deep X 2.875” (73mm) Wide X 6.25” (159mm) High

Additional information
Manufacturer: Safariland