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    Armalite is the originator of the legendary AR-10™ and AR-15 firearms. With decades of manufacturing experience and impressive history, Armalite's dedication to excellence has made their firearms the choice of military and law enforcement around the world. Armalite has one of the most wide-ranging product lines in the firearms industry, offering a quality selection of AR-15 upper receivers, handguards, rifle barrels, and magazines.

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    Armalite Carbine Lock Ring w/Slots
    Armalite AR15/M15 Firing Pin Retainer
    Armalite Carbine Buffer Spring
    Armalite AR15/AR10 Gas Key Screws
    Armalite Buna 70 O-ring
    Armalite AR10 Operating Buffer Spring
    Armalite AR15/M15 Firing Pin
    Armalite Carbine End Plate
    Armalite AR15/M15 Extractor Spring
    Armalite AR15 Extractor Spring Plunger
    Armalite Carbine Buffer

    Armalite Carbine Buffer

    Armalite AR10 Rifle Length Buffer
    Armalite AR10 B-Series Bolt Stop Catch
    Armalite AR15 Extractor Pin
    Armalite Front Sight Detent
    Armalite AR10 Carbine Buffer
    Armalite AR10 Ejector Spring
    Armalite AR10 Rifle Length Gas Tube
    Armalite AR15 Extractor
    Armalite Front Sight Post Square .70
    Armalite AR10 Carbine Buffer Tube 8" GI
    Armalite AR10 Firing Pin Retainer Pin
    Armalite AR10 Extractor Spring
    Armalite AR10 Carbine Length Gas Tube
    Armalite AR15 Bolt Assy.
    Armalite AR10 Gen 2 25rd Magazine
    Armalite AR10 Bolt Carrier Group
    Armalite AR10 Gen 2 20rd Magazine
    Armalite AR15/10 Bolt Carrier Key
    Armalite AR15 Field Repair Kit
    Armalite AR10 Firing Pin
    Armalite AR10 Extractor
    Armalite Tactical AR10 15" Handguard Kit
    Armalite National Match Trigger Set
    Armalite AR10 A-Series Magazine Catch

    Armalite AR10 A-Series Magazine Catch

    Armalite Tactical AR15 15" Handguard Kit
    Armalite AR10 Cam Pin

    Armalite AR10 Cam Pin