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ALS31CONE-IT Top Cop Cone Inert Trainer (3.1oz MK4)

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Manufacturer part number: ALS31CONE-IT

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New officers sometimes overlook the advantages of a cone sprayer when subduing a target. They need proper training on how it is more effective than the spray, especially for respiratory effects, but may be more challenging to deploy in extreme weather situations. When you want your team to learn all the ins and outs of a cone sprayer, pick up our Cone-It Top Cop Cone Inert Trainers.

  • Inert cone trainers are designed for officers to practice only, not suggested for active duty situations.
  • The inert 3.1oz MK4 bottle contains only water and propellant without the chemical that gives duty strength sprays their incapacitating heat.

Top Cop Cone Inert Trainer (3.1oz MK4)