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ALST471 Magnum Ultra Flash Stun Grenade, with Titanium Spark

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Manufacturer part number: ALST471

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The ALST471 is a single-use tactical stun munition that produces approximately 185 dB at 5 feet and emits 6-10 million candelas. In addition to the light and sound, the ALST471 contains Titanium flakes that produce a shower of white-hot sparks along with significant overpressure that adds to the disorienting physiological effects.

The element of surprise is essential to overcoming your target as quickly as possible with the least amount of losses on either side. When you need a tried and accurate tool for easy entry and quick containment, you need our Magnum Ultra Flash Stun Grenades. Our stun grenades issue extreme sound, light, and pressure to overpower your target with disorienting physiological effects. This gives your force the time they need to position themselves or retrieve intended targets.


  • Noise level reaches 185dB at 5 feet and emits the equivalent of 6-10 million candelas.
  • The included titanium flakes produce a shower of white-hot sparks that completely disorients your surprised target.


Diameter:2.0 in (50 mm)
Length:6.3 in (159 mm)
Fuze:Model M201A1
Explosive Content:40g Flash Powder
Sound Level:183 dB @ 5 ft (1.5 m)
Light Level:6-10 Million Candela
Product Weight:0.5 lbs (242 g)