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ALST470 Magnum Stun Grenade

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Manufacturer part number: ALST470

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There are many reasons to employ stun technology in live situations. One of the most valuable scenarios is crowd control. When you want to provide a non-lethal solution so your force can quickly quell a large force, you need our ALS T470 Magnum Stun Grenade. This single-use tactical stun munition will leave the front lines of any riot running back to safety while gripping their ears to reduce the high decibel noise.

  • Stun grenade produces a sound of approximately 183 dB at 5 feet while emitting 6-10 million candelas.
  • The ALST470 also produces a significant overpressure wave that adds to the disorienting physiological effects of the blast.


Diameter:2.0 in (50 mm)
Length:6.3 in (159 mm)
Fuze:Model M201A1
Explosive Content:43g Flash Powder
Sound Level:183 dB @ 5 ft (1.5 m)
Light Level:6-10 Million Candela
Product Weight:0.5 lbs (234 g)