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ALSG101OC Hornets Nest Sting Grenade, .45 cal. Rubber Balls (70 Count), with Powder OC

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Manufacturer part number: ALSG101OC

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When you think of a tool that provides total less-lethal crowd control, we want you to consider the Hornets Nest Sting Grenade with Rubber Balls and Powder OC. This is a piece of finely crafted equipment that should only be used when subduing a large, fierce force that will not respond to any other technique. Projectile issues 70 .45 caliber rubber balls, chemical agents, fuze and OC powder in a 360 degree pattern.


Diameter:3.1 in (79mm)
Length:5.34 in (136mm)
Fuze:Model M201A1
Explosive Content:5.3 g Flash Powder
Product Weight:0.6 lbs (272 g)
Payload Weight:2 grams OC

The ALSG101OC is a rubber ball diversionary device that is designed to deliver chemical agents. Upon initiation, the fuze is ejected prior to the functioning of the device. This prevents the fuze from becoming a secondary projectile. Upon function, approximately seventy .45 caliber rubber balls along with OC powder are dispersed in a 360-degree pattern.