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ALS6227OC Blast Dispersion Projectile Launchable, OC

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Manufacturer part number: ALS6227OC

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Terrain plays a significant role in crowd control. It can be disastrous when you have obstacles blocking your path but are allowing lines of people through to get to your force control officers. When you need a little more range in your crowd suppressant, you need our ALS6227OC Blast Dispersion 37/40mm Projectile Launchable. Payload weight is only 3g of OC with an instantaneous discharge upon impact.


Diameter:37 mm
Length:4.8 in. (122mm)
Projectile Count:1
Maximum Effective Range:450 feet (137 m)
Projectile Specs 
Height:3.5 in (89 mm)
Diameter:1.4 in (36 mm)
Payload Weight:3 grams OC
Discharge Time:Instantaneous

The ALS6227OC is a 37/40mm round that launches a blast dispersion projectile that is designed to deliver an airburst deployment of agents out to 137 meters. Upon initiation, the projectile expels a powder payload and produces a medium report for the dispersal and control of crowds.