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ALS4100AWD-100 100 Meter Aerial Warning Device

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SKU: ALS4100AWD-100
Manufacturer part number: ALS4100AWD-100

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Giving a solid warning to a crowd or target area isn’t just a humane decision. It is a tactical option to push back a group or distract a target from your other movements. When you want the best overhead impact with high decibel sound, you need our 100 Meter Aerial Warning Devices. These 40mm munitions are designed to travel 100 meters across the field and deflagrate approximately 50’ (15m) above your intended target.

Quantity per package: 18


Diameter:40 mm
Length:4.3 in (109 mm)
Projectile Count:1
Effective Range:80-120 meters
Height:50 feet (15 m) fired at 15°
Minimum Safe Range:N/A
Projectile Specs 
Height:3.1 in (78.7 mm)
Diameter:1.58 in (40mm)
Flash Powder Weight:3.5 grams
Sound Level:170 dB @ 5 feet