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ALS4006DXM REACT Round Extended Range, Marking

Manufacturer: ALS
Manufacturer part number: ALS4006DXM
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The ALS4006DXM REACT round is a direct fire round designed to combine blunt trauma pain compliance with Marking signature, Inert Powder upon impact. It is highly accurate and effective across a broad range of distances.

The round is most effective when used within the optimal range of 10-70 yards. Operators should be well trained in the use of Less Lethal munitions regarding shot placement including, but not limited to, factors such as level of threat, target distance, and clothing. The optimal range allows for accurate targeting of the large muscle groups of the subject providing sufficient pain stimulus while greatly reducing the risk of serious or life-threatening injuries

Diameter:40mm (1.60 in)
Length:102mm (4 in)
Projectile Count:1
Velocity:122 m/s (400 fps)
Minimum Safe Distance:10m (30 ft)
Maximum Effective Distance:64m (210 ft)
Projectile Specs
Height:73mm (3 in)
Diameter:40mm (1.6 in)
Weight:24 grams (1.0 oz)
Payload Weight:2 grams Marking Powder