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ALS4006DTK-150 REACT Training Kit (3 Bases, 18 REACT Projectiles, 150 Loaded .38 Blanks)

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SKU: ALS4006DTK-150
Manufacturer part number: ALS4006DTK-150

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Reliable tactical response is only achieved by repetitive proper instructional practice. When you need your force to be prepared for intense situations, you need our REACT Training Kit. This kit is designed with foam noses and direct impact projectiles that can be used 10 times each while maintaining accuracy. The included 3 reloadable cartridge bases can be safely used up to 50 times.

  • REACT training kit includes 3 bases, 18 REACT projectiles, 150 loaded .38 blanks.
  • Our kit is not recommended for use in operational settings.


Diameter:40mm (1.60 in)
Length:102mm (4 in)
Projectile Count:1
Velocity:100 m/s (325 fps)
Maximum Effective Distance:36.6m (120 ft)
Projectile Specs 
Height:73mm (3 in)
Diameter:40mm (1.6 in)
Weight:30 grams

The ALS4006DTK-250 provides an effective, low-cost option for hands-on training to familiarize officers with the tactical operation & use of the ALS4006D REACT Round (Foam Nose, Direct Impact). The kit contains 18 REACT projectiles, 150 loaded .38 Cal. blanks and 3 reloadable cartridge case bases. The projectiles can be used 10 times each while maintaining accuracy and the bases can be used safely 50 times each. Not recommended for operational deployment.