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ALS37IT 37/40mm Muzzle Blast Inert Powder

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Manufacturer part number: ALS37IT

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The front line of a riot is impossible to control one on one. There is no “leader” that can be contained to reduce the pressure of a line moving towards your defended position when everyone has lost common sense. When you have to quickly disperse and control large crowds, you need our ALS37IT 37/40mm Muzzle Blast for Inert Powder. This device sends a 10-meter inert powder across a targeted area, sure to quell the motivations of most riots and unruly crowds.

The ALS37IT is a 37/40MM muzzle blast munition that is designed to disperse inert powder out to approximately 10 meters. When deployed, the powdered agent will provide a targeted area of coverage for the dispersal and control of crowds.


Diameter:37 mm
Length:5.25 in (133 mm)
Maximum Effective Range:30 feet (9.1 m)
Projectile Specs 
Material:Inert Powder (Talc)
Weight:12 grams