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ALS31STREAM-IT Top Cop Stream Inert Trainer BOV (3.1oz MK4)

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Manufacturer part number: ALS31STREAM-IT

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You want to ensure your police and law enforcement officers have all the training they need to properly utilize pepper and other suppressant sprays. When you need a training solution for your force, you should use our Stream-It Top Cop Stream Inert Trainers. These 3.1oz MK4 trainers give your team regular experience without the danger of fully deployable active sprays.

  • Inert training sprays are designed for officers to practice only, not suggested for active duty situations.
  • The inert spray contains only water and propellant without the chemical that gives duty strength sprays their incapacitating heat.

Top Cop Stream Inert Trainer BOV (3.1oz MK4)