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ALS12SKYMI-5 Skynet Anti-Drone Defense, 5 Tethered Projectiles

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Manufacturer part number: ALS12SKYMI-5

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The ALS12SKY-Mi5 is a 12 gauge anti-drone defense round designed to be rapidly deployed against commercially available drones being utilized for illegal purposes; i.e. illegal surveillance, contraband delivery. Upon firing through a 12ga cylinder or improved bore barrel, the five tethered segments separate with centrifugal force and create a five (5’) foot wide ‘capture net’ to effectively trap the drone’s propellers causing it to fail.

Quantity per package: 250


Weapon Compatibility:Cylinder or Improved Bore
Length:Max. 2.76 in (70 mm)
Projectile Count:1
Velocity:825 fps (251 m/s)
Effective Range300 feet (91.4 m)
Projectile Specs 
Material:Zuerillium Lead Free Alloy & Ballistic Fiber Tethers
Height:1.55 in (39.4 mm)
Diameter:0.72 in (18.3mm)
Weight:52.5 grams