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ALS1208A 37mm & 40mm Adapter for deploying ALS1208 Bore Thunder from Tactical Launchers

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Manufacturer: ALS
Manufacturer part number: ALS1208A

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The Bore Thunderâ„¢ Launcher Adapter is a reusable carrier that is designed to allow the deployment of the powerful Bore Thunderâ„¢ 12ga cartridge from a 37mm or 40mm less-lethal launcher. The Bore ThunderTM Adapter provides an officer the ability to deploy a strong and effective distraction or diversion, with zero risk of throwback. The ALS Bore ThunderTM Adapter uses the same technology found in the TRMR-LETM which restricts the deployment of a standard, lethal 12ga round in the heat of the moment. The Bore ThunderTM 12ga cartridge produces a forceful 172 dB, along with flash and overpressure.

Platform:37mm or 40mm
Length:2.5 in (64 mm)
Material:6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Weight:5.2 oz (148 g)
Payload:Bore Thunder (ALS1208)