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ALS1203 Tri-Dent .69 Cal. Rubber Balls (3 Count)

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SKU: ALS1203
Manufacturer part number: ALS1203

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Non-lethal does not mean non-physical. The reality is that some situations call for an impact on the body to gain accurate compliance by an unruly target or crowd. When you need to provide your force with all the options possible for crowd control, you need our ALS1203 Tri-Dent .69 Caliber Rubber Balls.


Weapon Compatibility:Cylinder or Improved Bore
Length:2.4 in (61 mm)
Projectile Count:3
Velocity:500 fps (152 m/s)
Maximum Effective Range40 feet (12m)
Projectile Specs 
Diameter:0.7 in (18mm)
Weight:9 grams

The ALS1203 Tri-Dent is a 12 ga round designed as a blunt trauma pain compliance round. It is extremely effective as both a direct and skip fire munition.