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    All You Need to Know About Holster Care and Maintenance

    19 Feb 2018

    What’s the difference between a new gun owner and a seasoned shooter?

    Besides the obvious difference in skill and experience, the latter understands that maintaining and caring for a gun is about as important as owning one.

    Smart shooters also realize the value of investing in high-quality firearms, hardware and accessories—including the one thing responsible for keeping your handgun safe, secure, retained and accessible at all times: the reliable holster.

    While buying a holster is a fairly straightforward process, cleaning and maintaining it can be a bit more complicated if you don’t know why you should maintain it in the first place.

    Here are a few reasons to get you started:

    •  Proper maintenance extends a holster’s lifespan.
    •  It improves the holster’s aesthetic and structural integrity, despite overuse.
    •  It slows the leather’s aging process (if your holster is made of leather).
    •  It improves functionality and minimizes technical issues associated with drawing down.

    Most importantly, you should invest in holster care and maintenance simply because it’s practical and ensures safety. Here are 4 simple steps to keep yours as good as new:

    1. Invest in a Reliable Cleaning Agent

    No, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Most are super affordable, and come with a saddle soap, mink oil and fiber cleaning cloth to condition the material of the holster without exposing it to harsh chemicals.

    Do your research and find a company that maintains a stellar reputation and get your hands on an all-in-one kit for regular maintenance. It should only take you a few minutes.

    2. Remove the Gun

    This goes without saying, but we reiterate because it’s not just a matter of accidental shooting. The chemicals within the cleaning agent may be abrasive against the handgun, and run the risk of corrosion and condensation.

    Exercise caution and remove the gun before proceeding to clean the holster.

    3. Don’t Skip the Kydex

    The kydex part of your holster may appear to be clean, but that doesn’t make maintenance unnecessary.

    The great thing about maintaining kydex is that you don’t need a special formula to clean it. Simply dip a piece of cloth in soap and water, and leave it to dry.

    For leather holsters, use the cleaning agent and scrub with a washcloth in circular motion until all the dirt and grime is gone.

    4. Condition

    Your all-in-one cleaning kit will usually come with some kind of conditioning oil, especially for leather holsters.

    Don’t go crazy with the saturation, buff evenly to get that glossy shine, and be careful not to overdo the process. Try to maintain the routine every 6 months, especially after a period of heavy holster use.

    If your holster is overused and beyond repair, replace it as soon as possible.

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